Two killed in Greenville SC trucking accident

Two people were killed in a recent Greenville SC trucking accident on White Horse Road. The trucking accident occurred on Wednesday December 23, 2015. This truck accident is an awful tragedy- the devastation heightened because it happened around Christmas time.  Anytime a person dies in a traffic accident, its a tragedy because a family loses a cherished loved one-whether that family member be a mother, father, son or daughter. Traffic accidents are very preventable tragedies as most traffic accidents happen due to the preventable carelessness of one of the drivers.  In this Greenville, S.C. trucking accident that killed two, news reports stated that the accident remains under investigation. So for now, the public does not know how the accident occurred.

From reading news reports, it appears that the trucking accident occurred on White Horse Road near Highway 253 in Greenville-just outside the city limits of Greenville. The passengers in a Ford mustang were killed. These deceased passengers were two women. The truck-which apparently was a tractor trailer truck-was a Freightliner.

The front seat passenger in the Mustang died at the scene of the accident. The back seat passenger apparently survived the accident and was transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital were she later died on Christmas Eve.

The driver of the Mustang was also transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital.

The truck driver was not injured.

Again, news reports did not indicate what happened to cause the trucking accident.

Accidents involving big tractor trailer trucks, like the one in this accident, and normal motor vehicles usually end up with the motor vehicle suffering much more damage. This is so simply based on size. Big tractor-trailer trucks cause more damage to normal cars. And that’s one reason why tractor trailers must be operated with the utmost of care and caution. Tractor-trailer trucks are not like normal automobiles in any way. Tractor-trailer trucks take longer to stop, they are more difficult to maneuver, they are bigger, and have bigger blind spots, and are, therefore, more difficult to operate.

As a lawyer in Greenville , S.C. who represents people injured in trucking accidents, I have come to understand how dangerous and devastating tractor-trailer accidents can be.  Truck drivers must follow all safety rules at all times on the road. They are the trained drivers who have been trained how to avoid tractor trailer accidents.