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tractor-trailers and disabled vehicles are a bad combo.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents Involving Disabled Vehicles

A tractor-trailer accident is extremely dangerous. Over the years it seems there are more and more media reports about tractor trailer accidents involving disabled vehicles. For instance, we have seen many of these occurring on highways, such as Interstate-85 in South Carolina. Furthermore, these types of tractor-trailer accidents are usually fatal or cause very serious…

Throw away the keys before drinking can help improve the DUI problem in Greenville

The DUI Problem in Greenville

The DUI problem in Greenville, South Carolina is one of many driving distractions that can lead to deadly conclusions on the road. DUI continues to be a major issue in the community. On August 7, a woman was killed in a rear-end collision with an impaired driver. Understanding the problems and solutions for DUI will…

Greenville Car Accident Lawer Thomas Creech can help if you're injured on the road.

Injuries from Car Accidents

We often see clients suffering from a variety of injuries caused by car accidents involving our clients. These injuries can be as minimal as bruising or, on the other hand,  as critical as a brain injury. Many people think that if they are not injured at the time of the accident, they cannot attribute their…