Attack or Assault Injury due to Inadequate Security at Business

Inadequate security at a business can lead to assaults or attacks occurring at the business or in its parking lot.

Were you or a loved one attacked or assaulted while at a store or business due to inadequate security on its premises or parking lot?  Unfortunately, some businesses or stores become locations for criminals to perpetrate harm on unsuspecting and vulnerable customers. Its the responsibility of the store or business to take steps to prevent these attacks from occurring. And the reason that a business or a store becomes a location for criminals to attack customers is that the criminals have figured out there is no security presence at the store or business.

The Thomas Creech Law Offices in Greenville SC handles personal injury cases involving attacks or assaults that occur on the property of a store or business including cases involving inadequate security on the premises of a store or business.

We represent victims who have been injured because a business or store failed to take reasonable steps, and had inadequate security measures in place, to prevent foreseeable attacks on customers.

A reasonable business knows that proper security and lighting can prevent assaults or attacks by criminals on customers occurring in the store or in a parking lot.

A business can be held responsible for a lack of security in its store or in its parking lot. So if you were attacked at a store or business, it must be determined whether there was enough of a security presence on site. Also important is whether there have been other attacks or assaults at the business premises.

If you or your loved one has been injured because of an assault or attack that occurred at a store or business the law may entitle you to monetary compensation for the personal injuries that you suffered.

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Inadequate security

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Customers have been attacked or assaulted at:

  • hotels and motels
  • shopping malls
  • movie theaters
  • bars
  • night clubs
  • restaurants
  • apartment complexes
  • parking lot assault or attack

A giant chain store or big business has a responsibility to take reasonable measures to protect its customers from attacks by other persons while on the business property. That responsibility includes providing security to protect customers and guests from attacks that occur on the property of a store or business.  The Thomas Creech Law Offices represents people who have been the victims of attacks occurring at a store or business including cases involving inadequate security.

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