Greenville SC tractor trailer crash into Roper Mountain bridge closes Interstate 385

A Greenville SC tractor trailer crash into a bridge closes Interstate 385 snarling traffic and causing property damage, according to media reports. This Greenville, SC tractor trailer crash is really bizarre and led to an accident that could have killed innocent motorists.

The tractor trailer crash occurred on November 24, 2015, around 5:30PM at that section of I-385 where Roper Mountain Road crosses over I-385 via a bridge. Having driven over this bridge at that time of day, I personally know that the traffic is very congested.  So apparently, the trailer part of the tractor trailer hit the bridge as the tractor-trailer went under it. Looking at pictures of the scene, it appears that the trailer is dangling off the side of the bridge. But in reality, it is leaning against the bridge. It will be very interesting to see if the bridge was damaged in this accident, as the owner of the bridge, which I would assume is the South Carolina Department of Transportation, would likely seek compensation from the owner of the tractor trailer to pay for the repairs that will be necessary to the bridge. The bridge suffered damage, but apparently, it was o.k. for vehicular travel. Before seeking compensation, however, the SC DOT would want to know how or why the tractor trailer bed became elevated.

How could a trailer slam into the side of a bridge? According to media reports, the bed of the trailer lifted up and struck a sign and the bridge. How did the trailer lift up? Other media reports are stating that the truck had an elevated bed.  At this time media is not reporting how the bed became elevated.

Obviously, the bed of a tractor trailer must meet certain height requirement and restrictions, or it will strike bridges and overpasses causing damage and wrecks. This is a bizarre case and it remains to be seen what actually happened to cause the tractor trailer wreck. Presumably, the tractor trailer bed became elevated suddenly as the tractor trailer had likely passed under other bridges prior to approaching the bridge at Roper Mountain Road.  However, there is no word on the route of travel the tractor trailer had embarked upon in the time leading up to the crash.

This Greenville SC tractor trailer crash serves as a reminder that the bizarre can happen on the highways in and around South Carolina and drivers need to be vigilant to try avoiding those accidents if at all possible.  However, ultimately, the tractor trailer must be the right size to fit under bridges and over passes. If this tractor trailer bed was elevated as it left the lot, then the trucking company would be probably be responsible for the damage caused in this tractor trailer accident.