Car Accident in Greenville:Teenager ejected from SUV dies from personal injury

A car accident in Greenville became a family’s worst nightmare as a cherished family member lost her life after suffering personal injury when she was ejected from SUV in this Greenville SC car accident. ¬†Local media are reporting that this tragic accident occurred on Sunday, December 20th, 2015. The accident occurred along Augusta Road in Greenville County. Augusta Road is also known as South Carolina Highway 25. The accident occurred near Pelzer, S.C. near the intersection of Woodville Road at 2:21AM.

From reading local media reports, it appears that a young female passenger was ejected from an Kia SUV after it left the paved roadway and collided with cars parked in a lot adjacent to Highway 25. According to media reports, the Kia SUV traveled off the right side of the road and traveled hundreds of yards before it hit the parked cars. According to media reports, the SUV then flipped several times. The ejected female passenger was 18 years old and the driver of the SUV was 21 years old. The ejected female passenger was airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital where she later died from the injuries sustained in the accident. The driver of the SUV was also transported to the hospital after suffering serious personal injuries in the car accident.

In the media reports, there was no official reason as to why the vehicle left the road. But based on the facts as stated in the media reports, might this be a case where a driver probably fell asleep at the wheel and thereafter lost control? A big reason why its possible to draw this conclusion is that the vehicle went so far off the road without stopping or being brought under control. Also the vehicle may have been traveling at a high speed if the driver was not able to stop at such a significant distance. However, at this point, its just speculation as to why the vehicle left the road. Could it be driver negligence? Could it be vehicle defect, such as a stuck accelerator pedal or unintended acceleration? Until the official reason is stated in accident reports and thereafter released to the public, the official reason as to why the vehicle left the road will not be publicly made known.

A car accident always carries the possibility of serious injury or death. Car accidents are preventable, not matter what the cause. At some point, there will be a conclusion as to why the accident occurred causing the loss of life.  Hopefully there will be answers and those answers will be used to prevent future car accidents. If we can prevent future car accidents like the one. other families might be spared. Other families might not have to endure the ordeal of losing a family member. This car accident in Greenville is a tragedy but hopefully there will be a resolution for the family in the future.