Were you injured at a home or residence?


injured at a home

Personal injury at a home or residence can occur when the homeowner creates or allows a dangerous condition to exist. Thomas Creech is a personal injury lawyer in Greenville SC who helps represents people that have been hurt on the premises of a residence or home.

Examples of a premises injuries can include:

  • Injuries occurring at a large gathering or party at a home or residence
  • Deck collapse
  • Unsafe premises such as a hole or other defect in a yard
  • Unsafe premises such as a hole or other defect in the flooring of a home
  • Burn injury occurring at a home
  • Burn injury from bon fires or leaf burn
  • Assaults and fights that may have occurred at a home or residence

images (2)If you get injured at a home or residence, it is no laughing matter and can be very serious.

When an injury at a home or residence occurs, it is important to secure witness identifications. Also, frequently, law enforcement or other first responders are involved and it will be necessary to obtain reports from these agencies.

These injuries can result in a serious situation that can include expensive medical bills, lost time from work, as well as pain, suffering, and permanent personal injury.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep a safe environment for themselves as well as their visitors. An injury sustained by an unsafe home can quickly happen to an adult or a child. You can protect yourself and your family by making sure to be diligent about your surroundings when you are visiting someone.

If you, a loved one, or a close friend have been injured at a home or residence, seek the legal services of Greenville SC premises liability lawyer Thomas Creech by calling 864-235-4999 for a free consultation or completing a contact us form.

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