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wrongful death lawyerWrongful death lawyer Thomas Creech has been there for families in some of the hardest times of their lives. We have seen families experience enormous grief and suffering. For families who have lost loved ones, it seems that the emotional pain will never end. It seems like it will never get better. In cases of wrongful death, our mission at the Thomas Creech Law Offices is to help you start moving forward and help you focus on righting the wrong that caused your loved one to die.

We have been there for families who have lost a child in an accident due to the fault of another person. And while a person who loses a spouse is called a “widower”, when a parent loses a child, there is no word and there never will be.

Strength and compassion after a tragedy . . .

Finding the strength to move forward, to put one foot in front of the other is very, very difficult. Moving forward is something we are here to help you do.  Thomas Creech is a personal injury in lawyer in Greenville SC who fights  for families who have lost loved ones because of wrongful death. We are here for you and your family in the aftermath of a tragedy and are ready to provide legal services and explain your legal options in a caring and compassionate manner, fully understanding everything you are dealing with and trying to comprehend.

Our promise to you . . .

Once you have retained our services, we will focus on the conduct causing the death of your loved one. We will advise you whether you have a case. And if we believe that you have a case, we will help you seek justice on behalf of your lost member of your family. That’s our promise.

Wrongful Death Lawyer
Greenville, SC

Whether it’s a death from a car wreck or trucking accident, from a preventable medical error, a death caused by a defective product, or death caused by a dangerous condition at a residence, retailer, or big box store, when the loss of life is caused by negligent, careless, or reckless actions, in the law its called wrongful death. And you deserve to be compensated for your losses.

South Carolina law provides that a person, usually a family member appointed by the Probate Court to be the representative of the estate of a deceased loved one, may bring a wrongful death action to recover monetary compensation when a loved one has died as a result of negligence, carelessness, or recklessness.

To know whether you may bring a wrongful death action for the loss of a loved one, call our offices today at 864-235-4999 in Greenville SC. Each wrongful death case is different and it must be determined under the law which family members may bring a wrongful death claim and which family members will be the beneficiaries of monetary compensation recovered in a wrongful death case.

The Thomas Creech Law Offices is located in Greenville SC.  We are a local law firm that has deep roots in the Upstate.  We have represented families throughout the Upstate of South Carolina in cases of wrongful death. We are able to represent you in civil court as well as the Probate Court in a wrongful death case.

So if you are seeking representation and seeking justice on behalf of your lost loved one who you believe died because of the wrongful conduct of another, call our Greenville SC wrongful death lawyer, the Thomas Creech Law Offices at 864-235-4999 (local) or 877-236-4999(toll free) today.  It is always a free, no-cost consultation.

What is involved in a wrongful death case?

When a person dies in an accident due to the fault of another, the law allows for a wrongful death case to be brought on behalf of the deceased. The law allows for families to seek compensation for the losses sustained as a result of the loved one’s death.  The law allows for family members to be compensated for the grief, emotional pain, loss of guidance and emotional support, and loss of financial support that a deceased family member would have provided.

What situations may involve a case or claim for wrongful death?

You may need a wrongful death lawyer in situations such as fatal automobile accidents or fatal trucking accidents, fatal accidents on the premises of another, fatalities or death caused by a defective product, or a death caused by medical malpractice.

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