Pickens County truck crash on Highway 183 kills one

A February 1, 2016, Pickens County truck crash on Highway 183 has killed one, media is reporting. This automobile truck crash occurred on Highway 183 near Ireland Road in Pickens County, S.C.. The deadly vehicle wreck occurred around 6:00 AM Monday, February 1st, 2016.

According to local media who were quoting South Carolina Highway Patrol, the deadly wreck involved an 18 wheeler Freightliner truck and a GMC pick up truck. While the investigation is ongoing, media reports are stating that the Freightliner left its lane and crashed head on with the automobile killing the driver of the automobile. Anytime a person loses his or her life in a traffic accident, there are no words to describe the loss. Most traffic accidents are preventable. They are preventable because if drivers pay attention to the circumstances then and there existing, using caution, including driving at an appropriate speed, an accident can be avoided.

According to local media, the Freightliner truck left its lane and went left of center to avoid hitting another car that was stopped in the intersection of Irene Lane, waiting to turn left. Once the Freightliner left its lane, it hit an oncoming vehicle head on, according to local media reports.

All drivers, especially drivers of big trucks, are required to pay attention to the road and to keep a proper lookout. A proper lookout means, two hands on the wheel with both eyes on the road. By keeping a proper lookout, a driver can operate his vehicle in a safe manner and avoid deadly collisions.

Tractor trailer trucks are obviously longer and heavier than normal automobiles. They are harder to stop and are more difficult to maneuver and control. Truck drivers have a serious duty to operate their trucks safely and in consideration of other smaller vehicles on the road. Thus truck drivers are required to keep proper amounts of space between their truck and other vehicles. With the proper amount of space, a truck can come to a complete stop or have time enough to take safe evasive measures to avoid an accident

Truck drivers are professional trained drivers who have a duty to pay attention while driving their big rig trucks. By paying attention at all times while operating their truck, a truck driver can avoid an accident.

While this Pickens County truck crash on Highway 183 remains under investigation, truck drivers do have a responsibility under the law to always pay attention, to operate a truck in a safe manner according to the conditions then and there existing, and to maintain a proper lookout.