Tractor Trailer Kills Two on I-385 After Crashing Into Traffic

Local media is reporting that in Greenville,SC a tractor trailer kills two on I-385 and injures two others around 5 a.m. this morning when it crashed into traffic. According to local media outlets that have been reporting on the tragic accident, traffic was stopped in the roadway along I-385 most likely due to construction. The Greenville police chief, Ken Miller, in comments made to media explained that there was one tractor trailer, a white pickup truck, and a car stopped on I-385 when another tractor trailer approached and struck the vehicles from behind. The tractor trailer struck the pickup truck first, pushing it down the embankment. Next, the tractor trailer hit the car causing it to go under the parked tractor trailer. A badly damaged vehicle could be seen down the embankment from the highway.

Other Injuries 

tractor trailer kills two on i-385

Photo courtesy of Fox Carolina

Chief Miller said to the media that the driver and front seat passenger of the car died at the scene while another passenger was transported to the hospital with severe injuries.

The driver of the pickup was also injured and taken to the hospital in stable condition. Miller said the pickup truck absorbed much of the impact and the absorption likely saved the driver’s life.

Although the Greenville Police Department’s Accident Reconstruction Team was called in to investigate the crash, the south left lane was reopened for traffic.

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