Wyoming tractor trailer 18 wheeler crash involves two from upstate SC

A Wyoming tractor trailer 18 wheeler crash that involved the truck driver reaching over to get candy while he operated his truck according to media has ended in a fatality. WYFF in Greenville SC is reporting about a tragic tractor trailer fatality that claimed the life of one Upstate South Carolina resident and seriously injured a Greenville SC resident.

Here is the WYFF link to the story:  http://www.wyff4.com/article/upstate-woman-killed-man-injured-when-18-wheeler-crashed-into-truck-police-say/9883154

The truck driver has been charged with a criminal offense of aggravated homicide by vehicle and aggravated assault and battery, according to teh report.

The truck driver told investigators that he took his eyes off the road-apparently he was reaching for candy-went off the road and hit a vehicle occupied by the two upstate residents, said WYFF media reports.

All drivers of cars, trucks, and especially truck drivers have a duty under the law to keep their eyes on the road at all times and to keep a proper lookout. Of course tractor trailer driers are professional drivers and know that when operating a large tractor trailer, it is mandatory to keep a proper lookout and to keep the tractor trailer under control at all times.

This Wyoming tractor trailer 18 wheeler crash is a tragedy, and it sounds from media reports that it was unnecessary and needless accident ending in a fatality and serious injury.