One person killed in Spartanburg SC trucking accident

Media outlets are reporting about a wreck on I 85 leaving one person dead involving a Spartanburg SC trucking accident. The trucking accident involved a fatality occurred on I85 in Spartanburg County, SC near Highway 101 milemarker 60. The trucking accident occurred on Friday October 24, 2014. The wreck was reported at 3:22am according to media outlets that were citing law enforcement authorities.

There always seems to be a trucking accident occurring on I 85. In this case it is a true tragedy because a motorist lost his or her life. Media outlets are not yet reporting as to what actually happened in the wreck and who was at fault. According to media reports, the South Carolina Highway Patrol multijurisdiction accident investigation team or MAIT reported to the accident site.


Greenville truck accident attorney

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Big rig tractor trailers are not only subject to the normal rules of the road that all drivers must follow, big trucks are also required to follow federal rules that apply to trucks.

Trucking companies are also required to have qualified and fit drivers to operate their trucks.

Moreover, federal rules require drivers to have adequate rest and not doze off while driving.

This case is a treagedy because a person lost his or her life. The pain for the family will obviously endure for a very long time.

In this case, a very thorough investigation will have to be performed to determine what exactly caused the trucking accident to occur.

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