Seeking justice for victims of truck accidents

Thomas Creech seeks justice on behalf of injured victims of trucking accidents.

I remember the first trucking accident case that I handled. I was amazed at how little it takes for tremendous personal injury to occur in a trucking accident. I was also amazed at  how the evidence that I obtained undermined the truck driver’s blaming my clients for causing the accident. My clients were husband and wife and were riding on a motorcycle. They approached a tractor trailer that was not in their lane but was in the left lane. The tractor trailer then suddenly and without any warning sign, moved over into my clients’ lane causing a collision. Both of my clients were severely injured. And all it took from the driver of the tractor trailer was a simple turn into my clients’ lane. The truck driver would have been easily able to see my clients in his side mirror. My clients were in “no man’s” land and could do nothing but collide with the tractor trailer.

This case was really interesting because the truck driver stated in his deposition that he was in my clients’ lane the whole time and that he he had to swing wide just a little bit to make a turn. He insisted that he never went out of the right lane and that he was in my clients’ lane the whole time. He stated that he had to swing out left a little bit to make a turn but that he never went out of my clients lane. He stated that my client tried to pass the truck while the truck was swinging wide a little bit. The driver totally blamed my clients for the accident. The truck driver stated that my clients should have never tried to “sneak past” the truck when the truck swung out slightly.

Initially the trucking company stated that the driver had been issued a non-digital camera and there were no digital photograph files. The initial photographs produced by the trucking company were very blurry. The pictures made it very difficult to determine important features such as skid marks and the location of the lane markers in relation to to the truck.  The company maintained that those were the only pictures available and there were no digital picture files as the camera was just a “box” camera that was not digital.  In the deposition of the truck driver, I asked the truck driver if the camera that he took the pictures with was digital or non-digital. The driver in his video deposition stated that the camera was a digital camera and he had the digital card in his possession at his house.  I then requested that he turn over the digital picture files to me which eventually he did through the trucking company attorney.  The digital files, which were much more clear, showed the truck was in the left lane – and not in my clients’ lane – before turning into my clients’ lane thus causing the accident.  The digital picture files totally undermined the trucking company defense and turned the case in my clients’ favor.  A favorable settlement was obtained for my clients.

Do You Need a Greenville SC Trucking Accident Attorney?

Trucking accident cases involve more than just simple automobile accident cases. Sometimes in a trucking accident case, it is very obvious what happened and a settlement can be obtained up front quickly without extensive litigation.  However, other times in trucking accident cases its not exactly clear what happened and a more extensive investigation is required.

What happens when the truck driver or the truck company try to blame the driver of the automobile for causing the wreck?

It’s true that truck drivers and trucking companies will try to blame innocent motorists for causing the accident. But always remember that truck drivers are trained professional people who make a living by driving.  Think about that: truck drivers make a living from driving.  So truck drivers know the rules of the road much, much better than does the average everyday driver of an automobile. Thus, they should know better how to avoid an accident that just the average everyday driver should know. Also, truck drivers are trained to recognize early that a dangerous situation might arise. Thus, a professional truck driver must operate the truck anticipating that a motor vehicle accident might occur and recognize the dangerous situation to avoid injuring the average everyday motorist.

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