Laurens SC trucking accident claimed the life of a car driver

A Laurens SC trucking accident claimed the life of a car driver that was involved in the accident. While it is unclear exactly what caused this tractor trailer trucking accident, tractor trailers are bigger, heavier, and take longer to stop. Thus, it is harder for tractor-trailers to avoid striking other vehicles on the road, especially when an evasive action is required by the tractor trailer. That is why a tractor trailer must drive at a speed that is safe for the conditions then and there existing, even if that speed is lower than the posted speed limit. Remember, truck drivers are trained professional driver. Truck drivers are trained to drive at a slow speed. Truck drivers are trained to be aware of and anticipate any potential situations that could lead to accidents occurring. One key question will be is at what speed was the tractor trailer traveling?

Local media are reporting about the trucking accident that occurred around 2:40 on Monday, November 2, 2015. The location of this accident is highway SC-72 in Laurens County S.C.. ¬†According to media reports, the tractor trailer truck struck a car in the driver’s side door, killing the driver of the car while also injuring two passengers. The two passengers were transported to the hospital with serious injuries according to the media. Media reports stated that the car pulled out in front of the tractor trailer. However, media reports do not say who had the right of way at the time of the accident. Furthermore, media reports do not say if the tractor trailer driver could have avoided the accident by taking evasive action. Another fact not discussed in local media reports is whether there was a clear line of sight for the driver of the car that was struck by the tractor trailer.

Any time there is a fatal accident, the South Carolina Highway Patrol will conduct a more extensive investigation and compile its factual findings in a report called a fatality packet.

But let’s never lose sight in this case that another person, a member of this community, a member of someone’s family died tragically. Under South Carolina law, a family may bring a case for wrongful death if their loved one died because of the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of someone else.

Any time a person loses his or life in an automobile accident it is a tragedy. Was this tractor trailer trucking accident in Laurens SC avoidable? Once all teh facts come out, hopefully the family and the survivors of this horrendous crash will have answers.