Oconee SC tractor trailer crash kills one and injures six others

News media are reporting about an Oconee SC tractor trailer crash occurring this morning, November 6, 2015, that has resulted in the death of one person while others have been injured. This Oconee SC tractor trailer crash is a tragedy because a fatality is involved. Also, apparently children have been injured in the crash as well. No word yet on the cause of the accident or who was at fault. While the official cause of the accident has not been released, I would speculate that this is probably some sort of head-on collision because the highway involved, the nature of the injuries sustained, and the fact there is a fatality involved.

The accident occurred on Highway 11 in Oconee County, South Carolina which is about 30 minutes west of Greenville, S.C. This tractor trailer crash occurred on that part of Highway 11 that is near Armstrong Road and Highway 11 intersection, according to media reports that are quoting fire officials who reported to the scene.

The news media descriptions are limited in their detail and there has not been any facts indicating who was at fault in the accident or what was the causes of the accident, as the tractor trailer crash just occurred.

One media outlet is reporting that a child or children were injured in the accident.

It appears that the tractor trailer crash occurred on that portion of Highway 11 that is two lanes. No mention is made of speed of vehicles at this early stage of the tractor trailer crash.

On two lane state secondary roads and highways, we have seen other accidents involving vehicles crossing lanes into oncoming traffic. Again it has not been reported what the early indications are as to the cause of this accident. Usually on these two lane state secondary roads, the roadside shoulders are not wide enough to accommodate evasive emergency maneuvers. The SCDOT refuses to upgrade shoulders to include paved shoulders on the narrow state secondary roads because its too expensive and they do not have the manpower to upgrade the shoulders of these roads. In fact, there are many shoulders on highways in South Carolina that do not meet modern traffic engineering standards and thus present a clear and present danger to those on the state secondary roads. Many roads have grass shoulders and its easy for vehicles to lose control when having to use grass shoulders.

This Oconee SC tractor trailer crash is a tragedy. We will await word on the apparent cause of the accident.