Anderson SC truck wreck into a mobile home ends in death of truck driver

In a breaking news story, its being reported that an Anderson SC truck wreck into a mobile home ended in the death of the truck driver. The Anderson SC truck wreck happened this morning Friday November 13, 2015, around 8:00AM.

According to news outlets, the wreck happened on Wentzky Road in Anderson County, S.C. close to the community of Starr.  After reading the news reports describing the accident, it appears that a truck was traveling on Wentzky Road when it left the road and wrecked into a mobile home.  As stated earlier, the truck driver died in the accident. There was no word on whether any occupants of the mobile home were injured or died.

This Anderson SC truck wreck is a bizarre accident and there is no reported reason as to why the truck left the road. Its a single vehicle accident. There was no word in the news reports as to whether the truck was forced off the road because of another vehicle or a stray animal, such as a deer. If there were witnesses, law enforcement will or at least should, interview those witnesses to determine if there is an apparent cause of the accident from witnesses observations. Another factor to consider would be whether the truck driver suffered a medical emergency such as a heart attack that rendered him unconscious thus causing the truck driver to lose control of the truck and wreck into the mobile home.

One key fact that will need to be determined is how far off the road was the mobile home located? Another key factor will be what was the speed of the truck when it left the roadway and what was the speed of the vehicle when it hit the mobile home? What was the condition of the shoulder of the road-was it sufficient enough to allow for safe travel in the event that vehicle needed to use the shoulder of the road? Finally, were there any skid marks or other evidence of evasive maneuvers? These facts will help law enforcement determine what may have happened to cause the truck driver to leave the road.

Driving a vehicle is an inherently dangerous activity. Driver of cars and trucks and also motorcycles must always maintain a vigilant lookout to avoid becoming involved in a wreck. A random event is always possible, for instance, a driver could have a heart attack and lose control of a vehicle causing a collision with other motorists. Going forward in this truck wreck,  hopefully the family of the deceased truck driver will obtain answers to its questions in what happened in this Anderson SC truck wreck. Hopefully these answers will aid the family in the grieving process.