What to do after a car wreck

Have you been involved in a Greenville SC car wreck recently? Do you know what to do? Are you seeking out answers to your questions? Don’t know where to turn? Don’t know what to do? Car accidents are a part of life. They are a frequent occurrence and a leading cause of injury, disability, and even death across the United States. Greenville SC is a leader in the number of car wrecks in the state of South Carolina.

If you've been injured in an accident, call Greenville South Carolina car wreck lawyer Thomas Creech today.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call Greenville South Carolina car wreck lawyer Thomas Creech today.

Because car insurance for drivers is mandatory under South Carolina law, you will be receiving telephone calls from an automobile insurance company. What should you do?

Before, I discuss that topic, the first question is: are you o.k.? Its common knowledge that after you have been involved in a car wreck, you might feel o.k. You might feel like you are not injured at all. However, often times, an injury occurring to your muscles and tissue do not produce symptoms until days after the car wreck. It takes that long for your muscles to tighten up or spasm enough before you start feeling pain.  So even if you felt fine after the car wreck and you begin suffering pain a few days later, you should go to your doctor’s office anyway so that the doctor can check you out and treat your pain. Your pain will most likely NOT go away on its own. You need to be checked out by a doctor so that the doctor can provide necessary medical interventions or treatment to stop your pain and return you to your normal state of health.

If you have been in a Greenville SC car wreck,  call a personal injury lawyer in Greenville, SC so that the lawyer can provide you with legal representation. A car wreck is not a simple event. Its a complex event that if handled incorrectly by you can can cause you long term negative financial and physical consequences. A lawyer can bring the know how, diligence, and aggressiveness to your case so that it can be resolved fairly, quickly, while protecting your financial, legal, and health future.

If you know a personal injury lawyer that you trust, call his or her law firm and speak with that lawyer about your case. If you do not know any personal injury lawyers, ask your family and friends for a referral to a lawyer. You can also search for personal injury lawyers online and in other publications.  You should want a personal injury lawyer who will bring a no-nonsense, aggressive approach to the representation of you. A car wreck is a serious matter and you should hire a lawyer who takes you seriously, who is energetic, and responsive to you and someone who you can trust.


If you are contacted by the other driver’s insurance, you should generally not give a statement to them. Please understand that in the state of South Carolina, you are under no legal obligation to give a statement to the insurance company of the other driver. You should hire your own lawyer before you decide whether it would be in your best interest to speak with the other driver’s insurance company. What you say to the other driver’s insurance company may come back to haunt you. So you do not want to give a statement to the other driver’s insurance carrier unless you have retained legal counsel who can advise you accordingly.


Which insurance pays your medical bills? To begin with, if you are transported to the hospital Emergency Room or if you go to your doctor or an urgent care facility, present your health insurance card and let your health insurance pay the bills. That is why you pay your health insurance premium. If you are injured or get hurt in a car accident, and you have health insurance, then submit your health insurance card to the hospital or your doctor’s office. The medical facility or medical providers will then submit their bills to your health insurance.  Later on when your case is presented to the other driver’s automobile insurance for settlement, your lawyer will normally ask that automobile insurance carrier to compensate you for the medical bills related to your treatment. After you are compensated by the automobile insurance carrier, your lawyer will then usually reimburse your health insurance carrier out of the settlement funds for the amounts it paid for your treatment. Normally, the other driver’s automobile insurance will not directly pay the hospital, your doctor, or any other medical provider for the medical treatment you received as a result of the injuries you sustained in the automobile accident.


After you have hired a personal injury lawyer to represent you, let your lawyer work on your case while you focus on getting better, receiving your medical treatment, and healing. Let your lawyer handle your case so that you do not have the stress and hassle of dealing with the car wreck. In other words, relax and let go of the stress.

If you have any other questions and would like a free personal consultation in your case, feel free to call our law offices in Greenville SC. We have helped many upstate families in the aftermath of a serious car wreck. We are happy to help you!