Upstate South Carolina tractor trailer wreck overturn spills fertilizer

An Upstate South Carolina tractor trailer wreck resulted in an overturn spilling non-hazmat fertilizer all over Garrett Road in Laurens, South Carolina, according to media outlets reporting on the story. Personal injury was being reported by troopers with the South Carolina Highway patrol. Media reports are not stating the nature or extent of the personal injury involved in the Upstate South Carolina tractor trailer wreck. Apparently, the driver of the tractor trailer was transported to the hospital but is expected to be okay, according to media outlets.

This Upstate South Carolina tractor trailer wreck occurred at 7:24 AM on Garrett Road in Laurens, South Carolina. Any time there is a tractor trailer spill, it should be very concerning to local residents and officials. Fire Department officials were quoted in the media as saying that the tractor trailer was carrying 6,000 gallons of of a natural organic fertilizer. Local sewer authorities have also made a statement about the incident, telling news media that the fertilizer spilled was comes from the process of treating waste water. The local sewer authority, ReWa said in a statement that South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control will clean up the spilled materials. At this point, there is no mention of what exactly caused the tractor trailer to wreck and overturn, said media reports who were interviewing law enforcement personnel. There appears to be no contamination of local drinking water according to media reports.

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Upstate South Carolina tractor trailer wreck

Every single day across America, hazardous and potentially contaminating materials are transported by tractor trailers. These tractor trailers carrying hazardous materials use the same roads and highways that we use. Because of the danger to the public-both personal injury and property damage-the United States Department of Transportation sets rules, regulations, and requirements in the transportation of hazardous materials. Also, any entity or individual that transports hazmat must develop and implement a security plan in the event of a tractor trailer wreck or overturn. Moreover, any employee involved in the transportation of hazmat must be thoroughly trained in security procedures. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) of the USDOT is responsible for the safe and secure transportation of hazardous materials. More about hazmat requirements can be found here:

This non-hazmat spill in the Upstate South Carolina tractor trailer wreck described above is a serious event; but from the sound of media reports, it appears that no damage occurred. SCDHEC investigators will hopefully provide answers to questions as to how this Upstate South Carolina tractor trailer wreck occurred. Hopefully, DHEC will inform the public about what safety and security measures were in place during this spill.