Tractor-trailer wreck in Laurens SC leaves one dead

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In what sounds like a horrific tractor-trailer wreck occurring in Laurens, S.C., one truck driver was killed after one of the tractor-trailers burst into flames, according to media reports. The media reports did not state how exactly this trucking accident occurred. But the accident is a tragedy nonetheless and a family has lost a loved one.

The tractor-trailer wreck involved two tractor-trailers that collided. The accident happened on Interstate 26 in Laurens County, SC around 2:10AM on January 9, 2015. Laurens County is a rural county in South Carolina and is located right next door to larger, more metropolitan Greenville, S.C. .  Moreover, there is a very large WalMart distribution center located on Interstate 26 in Laurens, S.C.  Media reports are stating that authorities were unsure as to what the tractor-trailers were carrying and were not aware of whether there was a hazardous or flammable material on-board.  So the decision was made to close the interstate until a more thorough investigation could be performed.  Ultimately, it was determined that the tractor-trailers were not carrying hazardous materials and the interstate was re-opened.

This is a tragedy and is not a case that you hear about everyday. What makes it unusual is that there were two tractor-trailers involved in the accident. Government and law enforcement investigators will have to sort through all of the facts in order to determine what happened and which tractor-trailer was to blame for the accident. In the meantime, a family is having to experience what must be extreme amounts of grief and sorrow at losing their loved one.

This trucking accident serves as a reminder that tractor-trailer wrecks, no matter what type vehicles are involved, can turn deadly. Many questions remain unanswered at this point. Hopefully, investigators will be able to provide the family and the public with answers as to what happened in this tractor-trailer wreck.