Laurens County car wreck leaves three dead

A Laurens County car wreck involving a truck has ended in tragedy taking the lives of three people, including two children highlighting again the deadly nature of rural roads in South Carolina.

Upstate South Carolina media are reporting that the fatal Laurens County car wreck occurred on Monday February 20th, 2017, on Neely Ferry Road near Covenant Drive in Laurens County. Pictures from various media websites show the wreck occurred on a two lane rural road, almost in what appears to be a bend in the road.  Pictures from media websites show only one vehicle suffering damage. Media reports are not yet describing how this Laurens County car wreck occurred or what caused the car wreck fatality to occur. Apparently, however, the coroner is telling media that it was in fact a single vehicle accident involving a truck that was hauling a trailer.

Single vehicle accidents can be caused by numerous factors, some of which include, improper highway or shoulder maintenance, vehicle defect, or driver error.

Rural roads are dangerous because a lot of times there is not a lot of room, if any, for driver error. So if a driver crosses a center line, the consequences are usually deadly or very serious.

Another cause of deadly rural road deaths occur when cars go slightly onto an unpaved shoulder and because the shoulders have not been maintained, a driver is required to use such a degree of force to get the vehicle back on the road, loss of vehicle control occurs. Highway maintenance standards require that there not be significant drop off between the unpaved shoulder of the road and the paved road itself.

This Laurens County car wreck triple fatality is a tragedy. Hopefully there will be a full complete investigation by appropriate law enforcement authorities as to the the cause of this tragic single car wreck.

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