Icy conditions truck accident-is nature to blame?

Sometimes, people think that when there has been a truck accident in icy conditions, nature is to blame. But under South Carolina law, a truck driver-in fact all drivers- must take personal responsibility to operate their vehicle carefully in the conditions, including icy conditions, then and there existing. That way, a potentially deadly truck accident in icy conditions can be avoided. In fact, even in icy conditions, a truck accident is preventable.

The number one way to prevent a truck accident in icy conditions is for a truck to stay off the road and not to operate in dangerous, icy conditions. However, if it absolutely necessary to go out on icy roads, then truck drivers must take a responsibility to be safe, drive slow, and stay under control.

But truck drivers have other duties as well. Some of these duties include operating their trucks at a reasonable safe speed in the conditions then and there existing; keeping their truck under control at all times while on the road or highway; keeping proper space between vehicles; using brakes in a preventative way so as to avoid sudden stopping which can lead to sliding.

Icy conditions do not excuse truck driver negligence. In fact, truck drivers must be even more careful in icy conditions so as to keep the truck under control and avoid sliding into other vehicles.

Just in the last few days, there have been numerous vehicular accidents around the upstate of South Carolina. A lot of these accidents involve cars and trucks sliding on ice on a highway or roadway. In my opinion, I would think that a lot of these icy condition accidents could have been avoided had these drivers gone slow enough to avoid losing control.

So when a truck driver, or any driver, slams his truck into another vehicle, blaming mother nature is not the best idea.  Had the truck driver been careful in the first place, then he could have avoided the accident altogether.