Head on collision Laurens SC car accident kills one

A Laurens SC car accident involving a head on collision that occurred on South Carolina Highway 14 in Gray Court ended the life of a driver on Tuesday August 22, 2017.

According to media reports, the driver was operating a Mitsibishi and travelling east when it crossed the center line and hit head on another vehicle, killing the driver of the Mitsibishi.

According to media, the driver of the vehicle that was struck was injured and had to be cut out of the vehicle and then flown to Greenville Memorial Hospital. A passenger in the struck vehicle was also injured but was transported by ambulance. Both of these occupants of the vehicle that was hit were likely seriously injured.

Cross over head on collisions such as this one are particularly deadly. The usual cause of death in head on collisions is blunt force trauma. Survivors from head on collisions are usually seriously and permanently injured.

The media reports do not specifically state the reason why the driver in this Laurens SC car accident crossed over the center line and hit the other vehicle head on. The usual causes of such collisions are driver inattention, distracted driving, reckless driving or failure to keep the vehicle under control.

Any time that a person dies in a traffic accident, its is a tragedy. The survivors in this Laurens SC car accident were likely seriously injured as well.

Car insurance is there to provide the injured a means to recover compensation for the actions of the at fault driver. Recoverable damages under South Carolina law include amounts for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, permanent impairment and disability as well as loss of future ability to work.

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