U.S. government wants to end traffic fatalities within 30 years

As traffic fatalities continue to rise, the U.S. government is committing $1 million a year for the next three years for related grants. Federal agencies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Highway Administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, will team up with the National Safety Council on the project.

The state of South Carolina has seen an increase of auto related deaths to 25% from 2014 to 2016. The federal government released its own data on traffic fatalities for the first half of 2016, estimating an increase of 10.4% compared to the same period from the year before.

What is causing these numbers to rise? Traffic safety experts said there is not a single factor for the surge in motor vehicle deaths. Smartphone use, cheaper gas prices, climate change and a strong economy all play a role.

In addition to more cars being on the road to contribute to the increase in traffic fatalities, this illustration shows the human error causes.

traffic fatalities

CNN reports that the group, formally called the Road to Zero Coalition, will initially focus on seat belt use, rumble strips, data-driven enforcement and behavioral change campaigns.

Other ways to stay safe on the road include being a defensive driver, avoid speeding and give plenty of distance between your car and other cars. Get off the cell phone or smart phone. Keep your eyes on the road. Keep two hands on the wheel. Never drink or drive or drive while tired. Take safe driving seriously.

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