Serious Laurens County automobile accident kills one, injures another

A very serious Laurens County automobile accident killed a mother and injured her daughter on June 24, 2014, according to media reports that were reporting information provided  by Laurens County, S.C. Coroner Nick Nichols.  From reading the media reports, apparently, this accident involved one car-the daughter was driving and the mother was a passenger.  This is a tragic automobile accident resulting in the loss of life.  Certainly, the family is tremendously affected, as any family would be in this situation.

According to media reports, the automobile was traveling on Interstate 26 near exit 60 which is near Joanna, S.C..  The media is reporting that the automobile swerved and hit a guardrail then came back across the highway and turned over.  The media, again, is quoting Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols.  The driver of the car was airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital after being extricated from the car after the automobile accident. The South Carolina Highway Patrol reported to media that both the mother and daughter were wearing seat belts at the time of the automobile accident.

There remain unanswered questions in this automobile accident; questions that a full law enforcement investigation must answer.  For instance,  just by reading the accounts of the automobile accident in the media reports, we are unable to discern why the driver of the automobile swerved in the first place. There could have been numerous reasons why the car left the road, including a wild animal running out in front of the vehicle.  Another reason might be another vehicle suddenly changed lanes.  Also, it could be that the driver was not paying attention or suddenly nodded off and ran off the road and thereafter lost control.  Drivers of automobiles must keep a proper lookout and remain attentive at all times.  I-26 is usually a very busy highway and there were probably witnsesses who saw what happened in the automobile accident. From what has been reported in the news media, there can only be speculation as to what happened.  Hopefully, a thorough law enforcement investigation will provide answers.