SC Medical Malpractice Attorney: Local hospital infections raise serious concerns

I recently read in media reports that on June 20, 2014, Greenville Health System officials admitted that 14 of its surgical patients have been exposed to an unusual infection.  Hospital officials said the infection was caused by an atypical mycobacterium. Furthermore, Hospital officials have identified a possible source as a piece of equipment. All of the patients exposed were surgical patients at the Greenville Memorial Medical Center.

This news from the Greenville Hospital System obviously raises questions such as how severe were the infections that patients suffered. Additional questions are how did the equipment come into contact with the bacteria and how did the equipment spread the mycobacterium to patients.  Moreover, how many other patients have been affected? According to media reports, apparently, there is an incubation period of 60 days and some patients did not have symptoms until months after their surgeries. Hopefully the Greenville Health System will provide to the public a full accounting of exactly what happened. The Centers for Disease Control is also involved.

Another important question that needs to be answered is what illnesses have patients developed as a result of receiving the hospital infection.

As a South Carolina medical malpractice attorney, I know that hospital acquired infections are unfortunate and very serious. Infections within hospitals are serious concerns for patients because a patient’s immune systems is weaker or more compromised after a surgery and a person can more easily become infected and suffer prolonged hospitalizations.

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