Running a stop sign results in Pickens, S.C., automobile accident fatality

Media outlets are reporting that a car ran a stop sign and was struck by another car resulting in an automobile accident fatality in Pickens S.C.  Anytime a person loses his or her life, or is seriously injured, in an automobile accident fatality, it is a tragedy.  Hopefully, an investigation will reveal what caused the driver to run the stop sign-was it driver inattention, i.e. driver distraction? Or were there sight issues causing the driver not to see the stop sign?

According to various news outlets, the fatal automobile accident occurred on July 19, 2015, in Pickens County, South Carolina.  Media outlets are reporting that one car- a 2003 Volkswagen was traveling west on Talley Bridge Road when it disregarded a stop sign and then entered Highway 11.  Once the Volkswagen was on Highway 11, it was then hit by another car-a Chrysler sedan.

The driver of the Volkswagen suffered a fatality in the automobile accident.  The driver of the Chrysler suffered serious personal injury and was transported by airlift to a hospital. The various media reports are not describing the extent of the personal injury sustained by the driver who survived the automobile accident.

An automobile accident fatality case is a very serious case and there needs to be a thorough intelligent approach taken.  A law enforcement investigation, while helpful, is not the final say on what happened and families are entitled to hire legal counsel who can then bring on private accident reconstructionists for an ivestigation and consultation.  On the other hand, the law enforcement investigation may have been a very thorough one leaving behind no unanswered questions.

In the aftermath of a tragedy, it is very difficult for a family to focus on what needs to be done to preserve any claims that the Estate of the deceased may have.  However, the family needs to be aware that quick action should be taken to protect your rights.  A family, whether it be the family of the deceased or the family of a seriously injured survivor of a wreck, needs to take all steps to preserve any claims going forward. One way that a family can protect its rights is to immediately hire qualified, experienced, and aggressive legal counsel who can take over the automobile accident part of the situation and thereafter protect and preserve all necessary and important evidence.

An automobile accident fatality case is an exceptionally emotionally difficult situation for a family. Whether a family member is deceased in the accident or seriously injured and in the hospital, a family needs to bring on experienced legal counsel immediately so that all legal options can remain on the table while allowing the family time to grieve or be with a seriously injured family member in the hospital.