Fiery Automobile Accident Kills One in Greenville SC

As a personal injury lawyer who has represented families that have lost loved ones in automobile accidents, it pains me to read news reports about serious automobile accidents involving death or serious personal injury.  I have seen what families go through when a loved one is killed or seriously and permanently injured in an automobile accident. Often times,  what I do as a lawyer is not easy.  Although none of us ever like to discuss death and loss, upholding and applying the law ultimately benefits the community, for instance holding negligent drivers legally accountable for their bad driving in automobile accidents.

The latest media report that I recently read involves an automobile accident occurring on June 27, 2014, with three young people all in one vehicle-a pick up truck. According to media reports, the truck went off the road, the driver then attempted to get the truck back onto the road, and in the process, lost control of the vehicle. Apparently, the pick up truck flipped and apparently caught fire. Two of the occupants were able to escape. But the driver, only 18 years old, did not escape and he perished in the vehicle fire. The other two occupants were also young according to media reports and they were transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital

The automobile accident occurred in Greenville, SC on Jordan Road near Jug Factory Road, which is in a rural part of Greenville, SC.  All of the individuals were young people just beginning the prime of their lives.

From the facts as described in the media reports, there could be several legal angles in this automobile accident. First, of course would be focusing on the conduct of the driver and his reason for leaving the road. But second, would be whether the shoulders of the road were being maintained in such a way as to allow the driver to steer the truck back onto the pavement from the shoulder without having to apply too much steering force to regain the paved roadway. Finally, another question might involve why the truck exploded into a fire. Of course an investigation would have to be conducted to reveal the answers to all of these questions.

Losing a loved one in an automobile accident is a very difficult ordeal for a family to endure. Experiencing painful injuries, along with the emotional scars of having survived the fiery crash, is very difficult for the survivors. A personal injury lawyer is of valuable assistance for those involved in an automobile accident. A personal injury lawyer can do the work of the case, communicate on behalf of his clients with insurance companies, law enforcement, and medical providers. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, the client can focus on getting better, taking care of himself or herself and planning for the future economically.

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