Pedestrian loses life in fatal car accident in Greenville SC

A pedestrian lost his or her life in the early morning hours of August 28, 2014, in a car accident in Greenville SC media outlets are reporting. According to media reports, the car accident in Greenville SC involved a pedestrian and a car driven by a deputy sheriff with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. According to media reports, the car accident occurred on Augusta Road at the intersection of Augusta Road and Old Augusta Road. The car accident occurred at 5:35AM when a Greenville County Sheriff’s Office Deputy struck a pedestrian.  Another “secondary” car accident occurred in the aftermath of the accident involving the Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputy and pedestrian, media outlets are reporting. All of the car accidents are under investigation by the MAIT of the South Carolina Highway Patrol who is usually called in to investigate car accident cases involving a fatality.

Obviously many questions remain to be answered in this case. One question is how did the vehicle not avoid striking the pedestrian? The factual investigation will reveal many answers to this and all other questions.

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