Moped wreck kills man

A moped accident on Picket Post Road in Walhalla killed an Easley man. The moped accident occurred on Thursday, September 8, 2016. According to local media who were reporting on the moped accident, an SUV driver was heading south on Picket Post Road and was turning onto Earlested Drive when there was a head on collision between the moped and the SUV, killing the man operating the moped. This moped accident is a tragedy. Any time a person loses a life in a traffic collision like, in this case, a moped accident, its a heart wrenching tragedy.

According to local media, no charges were filed against wither the driver of the SUV or the driver of the moped. The man operating the moped died at the scene while the driver of the SUV was not injured.

Here is a link to the story from the Anderson Independent Mail

Mopeds are becoming a common occurrence on the roads of the Upstate. Mopeds frequently appear in Greenville County,  Spartanburg County, Pickens County, and in Oconee County.

Drivers of cars and trucks must keep a proper lookout at all times and avoid colliding with other vehicles, including mopeds. Moped drivers must also be cautious and keep a proper lookout and avoid hitting other vehicles as well.

Whenever there is a moped accident involving a car or truck and a moped, its likely there will be serious personal injury or death for the operator of the moped. A moped driver can take certain precautions in order to be seen better. But lets never blame the moped driver just because the moped driver chose to drive a moped. If that’s the case, the mopeds should just be banned. Period. Who agrees with that position? No one.

We should focus attention instead on the drivers of cars and trucks and emphasize the need to operate a car or truck safely, keeping in mind the presence of mopeds on the roads. With so many mopeds on the roads today, drivers of cars and trucks need to be attentive to moped driver on the roads today. Always remember that the duty is on other drivers to operate their vehicles safely, to keep their vehicles under control at all times, to expect moped drivers on the road, to exercise caution, and to keep a lookout so as to avoid a moped accident.

Reminder to drivers of cars and trucks: keep a proper lookout for moped drivers in order to avoid a moped accident.