Man killed in I-85 car accident

A man was killed in a I-85 car accident on September 10, 2014, according to new reports.  According to descriptions provided by various news reports, apparently the man was towing a car with a pick-up truck when he lost control of the pick up truck and was later pinned by the car that he was towing after it became loose.  According to various news outlets, apparently the vehicles traveled across three lanes of traffic and was then ejected out of his pick up truck. The man later died at the hospital according to news reports.

I 85 is an interstate highway that runs through the Carolinas and Georgia. It runs through Greenville SC,  Anderson SC, Cherokee SC, and Spartanburg SC. It is a very busy interstate. It seems as if there are news reports every week describing a I-85 car accident.  Also, if you live in the Upstate of South Carolina you probably travel on I-85 at some point during the week. You probably have personally observed an accident on I-85. When a car accident occurs on I-85 it usually stops or slows traffic thereby delaying commuters and other users of I-85. The I-85 interchange with Pelham Road is normally very clogged and congested.

18 wheeler tractor trailers also travel I-85 on a daily basis. There are usually a large number of trucks on I-85. In fact there are frequent I-85 car accident involving automobiles and trucks.

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