Greenville Hospital Infections questions remain unresolved

As a lawyer who handles hospital infections and hospital malpractice cases in Greenville SC and throughout the upstate of South Carolina, I recently posted on this blog about deadly infections occurring at the Greenville Health System Greenville Memorial Medical Campus. Since that last post, there has been another death of a patient who was infected. Officials with the Greenville Hospital System should take questions from the media and disclose all known information about the infection. Apparently 14 patients were infected.

In media reports published Friday June 27, 2014, Greenville Hospital officials stated that another patient has tested positive for infection, bringing the total to 15. It is not yet known how severe and extensive the infections are. Also, it has been reported that three patients who were seriously ill and had the infection too have died. Media reports are stating that the infection was a factor in the death of the three patients. Hospital officials have not stated exactly the type of infection the patients have contracted, for instance is the infection respiratory, or is it a skin infection.

Moreover, hospital officials are not stating in media reports as to what role hospital equipment is playing in the infections other than to state that a piece of equipment has been implicated in the infection and that the equipment has been removed from service. The public still does not know exactly the equipment piece or type. Most of the patients were undergoing cardiac procedures.  In fact Greenville hospital officials did not identify the equipment to the media.

Obviously, hospital infections are have very serious consequences for patients and their families. Please feel free to contact the Thomas Creech Law Offices if you, your loved one, or a close personal friend has suffered from a preventable hospital infection at 864-235-4999 in Greenville or visit the web site at