Home elevator involving serious personal injury

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall of a home elevator involving serious personal injury. On March 19, 2015, the CPSC announced the recall of home elevators – a total of about 240 units- involving the Elmira Hydraulic residential hydraulic elevators. The distributor of the elevator is Coastal Carolina Elevators LLC. The manufacturer of the home elevator is Cambridge Elevating of Canada.

The CPSC described the safety hazard in that “the home elevator can operate while the gate door is open, posing a crushing hazard.”

The CPSC also went on to state that “Coastal Carolina Elevators has received three reports of incidents with the elevators, including one injury that resulted in a catastrophic brain injury to a 10-year-old boy from Baltimore, Md.”

The CPSC also stated in its release that the elvators at issue in the recall were “sold at Coastal Carolina Elevators through residential contractors and home builders, including DRHorton, in South Carolina from January 2006 through December 2009 for between $16,000.00 and $25,000.00.”

Furthermore, the CPSC described the remedy as “consumers should immediately stop using the recalled elevators and contact Coastal Carolina Elevator for a free repair.”

This recall of a home elevator involving serious personal injury and the hazards associated with the elevator serve as a reminder that products while appearing to be safe can in fact turn dangerous and cause serious personal injury.

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