Personal injury at a business or home is serious

Greenville SC Personal Injury Lawyer Thomas Creech represents people who have been attacked, harmed or killed by a criminal attack on the premises of a business. Personal injury at a business or home is a serious event that could pose serious threats to the safety of many customers or guests. News outlets are reporting that on Tuesday August 5, 2014, a man with a loaded gun went into a Cabella’s store in Greenville SC and attempted to shoplift ammunition. Police with the Greenville SC City Poilice Department were called to the scene. The police officers began their investigation and approached the man. The man then began to fight with the police officers who were able to subdue the man and then found a loaded weapon tucked in the man’s waist. This situation could have turned tragic potentially harming numerous innocent shoppers.

In a situation like this, what civil liability do stores and property owners face if a person comes onto the premises and injures customers or guests. In South Carolina, the law takes an approach that balances the interests of customer safety along with the interests of the business owner. A business must use reasonable measures to protect its customers from forseeable harm. A South Carolina court will balance the degree of foreseeability of harm against the duty imposed.  So the more foreseeable it is to a business that a crime could occur on its premises resulting in personal injury to innocent customers, the greater the responsibility it is on the business to provide security.  It is very significant under the law whether there has been a prior criminal attack on a customer at the business premises. Also it is significant if there are other events or evidence that would show that there was a heightened risk of harm to customers. Essentially, the South Carolina courts are trying to encourage a reasonable response from business owners to protect their customers from harm without adding unreasonable burdens on business owners. Of course this brief look at South Carolina law on the topic does not serve as specific legal advice to the reader and the reader should not treat it as specific legal advice.

Greenville SC personal injury lawyer Thomas Creech is ready to talk solutions and discuss your legal rights if you or your family member has been hurt on the premises of a business.  Personal injury at a business or home because of attacks from a third party are serious events that need to be looked into thoroughly.  A personal injury lawyer representing a person who has been attacked at a business will want to look into the prior history of harm and criminal attacks at that location. Also, have there been other events at the business location? Did the business provide reasonable security measures to protect its customers? These and may other questions are important questions in cases involving a personal injury at a business or home. Each case is different and the facts in one case are not the same in other cases.

If you or a loved one or family member have received personal injury at a business or home call the Greenville SC personal injury lawyer Thomas Creech Law Offices at 864-235-4999 and lets talk solutions.