Greenville SC fatal moped crash near Furman University turns deadly

Multiple media outlets are reporting about a Greenville SC fatal moped crash near Furman University that ended in death for the driver of the moped. Media articles are reporting that at least one of the car involved involved in the accident-an SUV- did not stop after the auto accident.

According to media outlets, this Greenville SC fatal moped crash happened in the early morning hours of November 19, 2015, at 4:20AM. The accident occurred on Poinsett Highway at the main entrance to Furman University.  According to media outlets there were numerous vehicles involved in the accident.  In fact, apparently three cars struck the moped, and one of those vehicles left the scene. Travelers Rest Police Chief Lance Crowe told media outlets that the moped was first struck from behind and then was struck again by two other vehicles.  The first two vehicles remained at the scene and the third vehicle drove off. Authorities are saying that the vehicle that drove off was a red Ford Explorer 1989 or 1990 model year. According to media accounts of the moped accident, a female passenger with a ponytail got out of the SUV Ford Explorer, inspected the damage, and returned to the vehicle and it drove off.

Clearly, under South Carolina law, the driver of the SUV was required to stay at the scene. And there could have been numerous reasons for the driver to drive off. The driver of the SUV may have been driving illegally and did not want to get caught. Another reason might be that the driver of the SUV did not believe that he or she hit the moped or caused any damage and thus was not required to stay at the scene. Based on the description of the vehicle along with the description of the passenger, authorities will likely be able to locate the vehicle and the driver.

This moped wreck also highlights the dangers of operating mopeds on the highways of South Carolina. Cars and other motor vehicles must treat mopeds and their drivers with the utmost respect, care, and most importantly, their attention, while on the road. This moped-involved accident was an early morning accident. Obviously it was still dark out at the time of the accident. Drivers of cars and trucks have an absolute duty to see what can be seen on the road and to give proper right of way to other vehicles including mopeds using the roads.  Drivers of cars have a duty to keep a proper lookout.  Mopeds, just as motorcycles, and like any other vehicle, have a right to be on the road and other drivers must be on the lookout to avoid hitting a moped driver.

The media accounts state simply that the moped driver was hit from behind. There are no other descriptions of movements of the involved vehicles prior to the crash.

Anytime a person dies in a traffic accident, it is a tragic death. It is a tragic death because it is an unnecessary, needless death. Traffic accidents are preventable and traffic accidents can be avoided almost always, except for those traffic accidents involving such intentional behavior by a driver that the wreck cannot, by definition, be described as an accident. Following the rules of the road, paying attention, operating a vehicle as the conditions then and there existing warrant, will, most of the time, prevent a traffic accident from occurring.

This Greenville SC fatal moped crash is a tragedy and, like almost all traffic accidents, was likely preventable. Obviously, as more information comes out in the course of the investigation, more details as to what exactly happened will be made known.

***UPDATE TO THIS BLOG POST*** According to media accounts, investigators recovered parts from the vehicle that dove off and determined the parts likely came from a 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe or Suburban, not a Ford Explorer***