Car wreck leaves pedestrian dead

A Greenville SC car wreck occurring within the city limits of Simpsonville, SC on December 18, 2014, has left a pedestrian dead. Multiple media outlets are reporting the news about the pedestrian versus car wreck. The accident occurred at the intersection of Davenport Road and Foxfire Road in Simpsonville, SC.  Multiple first responders and law enforcement responded to the scene. The accident occurred at 7:43PM according to media reports.  According to media reports, the pedestrian that was hit was responsive and able to communicate with responders at the scene of the accident. Media is reporting that the pedestrian was taken to the hospital by EMS where the pedestrian later succumbed to the injuries sustained in the car wreck, according to media reports.

This Greenville, SC car wreck fatality occurring during the Christmas season is even more of a tragedy.  And what’s even more egregious, is that the driver of the vehicle did not stop classifying this car wreck as a hit and run.  Law enforcement has appealed to the public to report any and all clues or evidence to Law enforcement so that an arrest can be made.  A family member or friend may notice and unexplained dent in a car bumper.  An employee of a body shop may observe damage to the vehicle and the owner may not have an adequate explanation as to what happened. These are the types of evidence that may help law enforcement investigators track down the suspect in this case.

Fatalities arising out of car wrecks are always a tragedy. Families that lose loved ones in car wreck and other traffic fatalities experience grief and loss that is very, very difficult to bear.

Law Enforcement may know already what happened and who was to blame. Certainly, the driver should have stopped after the collision. A thorough investigation will help to answer questions such as where did the collision between the pedestrian and the vehicle occur. What was the geographical landscape surrounding the collision? Was the road flat? Was the driver’s view unobstructed? Was the pedestrian visible? Was the pedestrian crossing a road at an intersection or within a marked crosswalk? At this point, these questions remain unresolved, at least from what has been publicly disclosed. Again, law enforcement may know all the answers to these questions.

This Greenville SC car wreck is a tragedy and will undoubtedly affect the Christmas season for a family. Hopefully the fleeing driver will be apprehended and will be brought to justice.

When a person loses a life due to the negligence of another, the common law allows for the estate of the deceased to bring claims of wrongful death, and if the deceased survived the accident and experienced conscious pain and suffer, the law allow fot the Estate to bring a “Survival” claim. Damages are allowed for the grief that the family will experience as well as the loss of guidance and support that the deceased has and will have provided to the family.  The estate is also allowed to be compensated for the pain that the deceased experienced while he or she was still alive. Wrongful death cases are tragedies and the law allows the jury to determine whatever amount the jury feels is proper to make up for the death, the loss, and the pain. Obviously here in Greenville,SC we value families and family relationships very, very highly.  So that compensation should be high enough to be commensurate with the losses the family has experienced and the affect of the loss on the family.