Car accident: car crashes into house

On December 11, 2014, a Greenville SC car accident involved a car actually crashing into someone’s home.  The Greenville SC car accident occurred on Easley Bridge Road and Stallings Road just before 9:00PM, according to media reports. The media is also reporting that, fortunately, no one was at home so there were no personal injury sustained by the residents in the home. Apparently, also, the car was a stolen vehicle and the apparent driver fled the scene. Law enforcement will have to work quickly to try and determine who the driver was so that the driver can be brought to justice.

This is really a strange event, but not totally unheard of.

Fortunately there was no personal injury.

This Greenville SC car accident sounds like a person was probably under the influence, driving a stolen vehicle, crashed  that vehicle, and then fled the scene. Without knowing more, its hard to determine what recourse if any the home owner will have.  There will have to be an investigation to be performed.  Hopefully, the homeowner is protected by homeowners insurance so that the house can be repaired.

Sometimes though, people run off the road for very legitimate reasons including avoiding other out of control vehicles or swerving to miss an animal.

Other times, I have heard about situations involving people who have run into parked cars at very high speeds while under the infleunce. When a driver is impaired and is speeding and runs off the road and hits a parked vehicle, in for instance, a driveway, the owner of the damaged vehicle may bring a claim, even if the driver is unknown.  In addition to damages for the value of the vehicle itself, there are other damages and monetary compensation that can be sought as well-over and above just the damage to the vehicle. For more information about those types of damages and how to recover those types of damages, feel free to call the Thomas Creech Law Offices and ask for information about damages caused by reckless or impaired drivers in your Greenville SC car accident case. Reach out to us 864-235-4999 locally here in Greenville.