Greenville County motorcycle crash kills two

A Greenville County motorcycle crash that occurred on May 7, 2016, killed two people. According to local media reports, investigators told family members of the deceased that a defective kickstand caused the Greenville County motorcycle crash. A husband and wife were killed in the accident. According to local media, the husband was a local pastor in Anderson, S.C.

The media reports state that the couple was operating a 2000 Harley Davidson motorcycle when the crash occurred. According to media reports, the motorcycle left the road way and struck a guardrail. One of the occupants of the motorcycle perished at the scene. The other occupant was transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital where he was placed in a medically induced coma, but later died, according to local media reports.

Both occupants of the motorcycle were wearing helmets. The coroner informed news outlets that the cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Here is a link to a local media website describing the Greenville County motorcycle crash:

Where does the investigation go from here?

The focus of the investigation will have to be on the defective kick stand. Some of the questions that will have to be answered are: how did the kick stand become defective? What caused the kick stand to become defective? Did the manufacturer of the kickstand cause it to become defective? Did a local repair shop cause the kickstand to become defective? Have there been other accidents involving a defective kickstand on this type of motorcycle? How long had the kickstand become defective on the motorcycle? How did the defective kickstand cause the accident? These questions and more will have to be answered going forward. Additionally, once those questions are answered it will have to be decided who will be held accountable for the defective kickstand. A family and the community have lost valuable members.

The motorcycle itself will have to be inspected and photographed.

From reading media reports describing the occupants of the motorcycle, it appears that they were cautious, prudent, and safe operators of the motorcycle. Moreover, they were protecting themselves by wearing helmets.

This Greenville County motorcycle crash is a tragedy and hopefully further investigation will lead to answers so that there can accountability for the tremendous losses sustained.