Distracted driving is a scourge

As a personal injury lawyer in Greenville SC, I represent people who have been severely injured or killed because other drivers are not using caution while operating a motor vehicle.

Distracted driving is a major killer of citizens on the roads and highways of South Carolina. Even though it has been defined as distracted driving, it should be called “driver making bad decisions”. Distracted driving accidents are one hundred percent preventable. Distracted driving occurs because a person driving an automobile made a choice. It all comes down to that choice. One choice. Made by a person driving an automobile. The “distracted driver” made a choice to become distracted while driving. Whether the driver chose to look at his cell phone or whether the driver chose to focus on the children in the backseat of the car, distracted driving is caused by the driver making a choice. Making a choice to become distracted.  And that choice can have a devastating impact for other drivers on the road, including the distracted driver himself.

I have been an attorney practicing law for the past 17 years, and for eleven of those years, I have spent a lot of time working as a personal injury lawyer in Greenville SC. But even when I served as a prosecutor, I witnessed the tragic consequences of that choice of a driver becoming distracted.

And I’m sure the statistics would probably show that distracted driving is very high on the list of causes of fatalities on the highways in Greenville and in the entire state of South Carolina. For more info on the driving statistics go to the NHTSA web site http://www.distraction.gov/ .

But what about the human losses caused by distracted driving? The emotional toll of losing a loved one is tremendous and is probably the most valuable of all assets that we have in our society. So when a family loses a loved one, the family should be compensated with the highest amounts of monetary compensation possible.

As a personal injury lawyer in Greenville SC, I represent families who have loved one in car accidents. I have represented people who have been severely injured in car accident. As a society, as a community, we can end the scourge of distracted driving on our roads. We can spare the lives of people and we can end the pain for people so that families do not have to endure losing a loved one because of distracted driving.