Dangerous stairs cause potential severe personal injury

personal injury lawyer in greenville scDangerous stairs cause potential severe personal injury. That’s a fact. If you or a loved one fell and were injured on dangerous stairs, you are not alone. In fact hundreds of thousands, and by some estimates, even millions of people in the United States are injured on stairs every year.

When a person falls on stairs at a home or business, and is injured, there could be legal ramifications for the property owner or the person who was in control of the stairs.

So how can a business or home owner make stairs safe for everyday use?

First, make sure the stairs are well lit so that a customer or guest using the stairs at night is able to see the individual stair treads. Usually, a careful, reasonable conscientious business owner will either use appropriate paint color or tape on the edge of the stair tread to make the stair tread visible and conspicuous.

Second a reasonable prudent property owner will have hand rails for a stair user to use while navigating the stairs. Thus, in the event a user of the stairs becomes unstable for whatever reason, the handle rail will be available so that user can at least attempt to regain balance and stability.

Modern building codes requires that stairs be safe. Moreover, modern building codes require certain heights of stair risers and depth of stair treads. Modern building codes also require that a stair handle rail be in place. Modern building codes also require that all stair riser heights be the same within a set of stairs. These requirements are extremely important and are there for safety and injury prevention. Prevention of injuries from stair falls is vital because the costs related to stairwell falls, on a national scale, are tremendous and likely in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Improperly built stairs are a lurking danger for an unsuspecting user of those stairs. A fall on dangerous stairs can lead to death, especially death from a head injury as a result of falling on the stairs.  Sometimes, a homeowner may construct stairs him or herself. Unless the homeowner knows about the  safety standards regarding stair construction, a dangerous stair could be built.

Dangerous stairs cause potential severe personal injury, that is a fact. To prevent stair fall injuries, reasonable, prudent building owners and homeowners need to focus on making sure the stairs on their premises are safe.

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