Car crash kills pastor in hit and run accident

Another person loses a life on the highways of South Carolina. Everyday it seems there is another story in the media about tragedy on our roads in South Carolina and in the Upstate of South Carolina. September 15, 2014, is no different.  Media outlets are reporting that a car crash that occurred in Spartanburg County SC left one man dead and another injured. The car crash took place on Interstate 26 (I-26) near Dorman High School in Spartanburg. The car crash took place on September 15, 2014.

According to the reports of media outlets, who have interviewed officials with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, two men were in a truck that that was carrying a golf cart on a trailer when the truck lost control when the trailer started to fishtail. The truck then went into the median and overturned throwing both occupants of the truck from the vehicle. One of the occupants ended up in the highway where it appears he may have been hit by another vehicle, which was a dark colored Honda or Toyota four door (more on the description that car below). These are the facts that are being reported in the media and it is unknown at this point how the final factual version will end up.

As stated above, the driver of another car that is believed to have hit one of the occupants did not stop his or her vehicle. Law Enforcement authorities are searching for a dark colored blue or black 4 door Toyota Camry or Honda Accord and the driver of that vehicle.

Obviously any time a person loses his or her life in a car crash it is a tragedy for all involved. From reading the reports in the media, in this car crash case, apparently the deceased was a 25 year old man, which is way too young for a person to perish. His entire life was still ahead of him. Apparently, he was also a youth minister and he apparently had found his calling in serving his Lord in the capacity of a youth pastor. Any time a person who is doing the Lord’s work in our communities is lost in an car crash, that death represents a tremendous loss in the community in which the service is being performed.

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