Anderson SC car wreck Pickens SC car wreck turn deadly

Two wrecks turned deadly on November 3, 2014, with two young lives lost: an Anderson SC car wreck Pickens SC car wreck turned deadly in single vehicle accident involving rural roads.

An Anderson car wreck turned deadly when a teenager died in a single car wreck according to media reports that were quoting the Anderson County Coroner.  According to media reports, apparently a 17 year old female was driving a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am when the vehicle went off the road, over-corrected, and ended up going off the other side of the road into an embankment. This is a tragic occurrence and the reports do not indicate or state what if anything caused the driver to enter the shoulder area of the highway.  A motor vehicle is allowed to use the shoulder area of the road. That is why the shoulder area must be maintained in a safe condition. Hopefully a law enforcement investigation will turn up answers to the unresolved questions this case presents.

In a Pickens County car wreck, a young driver driving a pickup truckl went off the road and a passenger, who was wearing a seat belt, was then partially ejected and killed according to media reports quoting the Pickens County Coroner. The vehicle was a 2004 Ford pick up truck. The car wreck occurred on Crestview Drive in Pickens County South Carolina. The 17 year old passenger who perished in the accident was wearing his seat belt. The driver and other passengers were transported to the hospital for treatment of their personal injuries according to media reports.

Both of these accidents represent tragedies as two lives were cut short and were taken much earlier than they should have been.

Law Enforcement investigations may shed light on what happened in the accidents. Its very early now, but more facts will be uncovered as the case evolves.