Woman killed in Piedmont pedestrian accident

A woman was killed in a Piedmont pedestrian accident this morning April 12, 2016. The pedestrian accident occurred around 6:00AM, according to local media reports. This pedestrian accident occurred in that part of Piedmont that is situated in Greenville County, S.C.

Local media interviewed the Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans who offered more details on this tragic accident. According to interviews of Coroner Evans, the woman was walking south on Piedmont Highway when she was struck by a car. The car was traveling in the same direction as was the woman walking on foot. Coroner Evans stated that the woman died from blunt force trauma. While it wasn’t known exactly to what location the woman was walking, there were several businesses in the area and Coroner Evans concluded that the woman may have been walking to work.

From the media reports, we do not know if there were sidewalks available for pedestrian use. But if this was a business district, it would be reasonable to think that sidewalks should have been available for pedestrian use.

Furthermore, media reports are not stating exactly what happened in the pedestrian auto collision. Media reports are not stating who was at fault in this accident.

In South Carolina, the law protects pedestrians from being struck by motor vehicles. A driver of a motor vehicle must use due care to avoid accidents, keep a proper lookout, drive at a reasonable speed, and pay close attention to what is going on in the road in front of the vehicle-that is keep a proper lookout. A driver is not allowed to strike a pedestrian who may be in the roadway. A driver must use due care to avoid collisions with pedestrians. Now there are occasions certainly when a driver cannot avoid striking a pedestrian who may be in the roadway. For instance, if a pedestrian bolts out into the roadway, a driver may not have enough time to avoid a collision.

Pedestrian collisions occur at night and also in the early morning dawn hours. One reason is lack of visibility. However, vehicle owners must have proper working headlights so as to illuminate the roadway in front of them so that a driver can see what is there to be seen. Also, in the early morning hours and late at night, driver fatigue can be an issue. Drivers are not as alert in the early morning hours or late at night so a driver’s perception reaction time my be impaired by fatigue. ¬†As a result, pedestrian accidents can occur due to driver fatigue.

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Any time a family member loses his or her life its a tragedy for the family and the community. This Piedmont pedestrian accident that occurred on the Piedmont Highway in Greenville, S.C., on April 12, 2016, is a tragedy and hopefully there will be more answers made known to the public going forward.