Longer, heavier trucks a danger on the road

As a South Carolina car accident lawyer who handles trucking cases in Greenville, SC, I am monitoring an interesting debate going on right now in South Carolina and across the nation. The trucking industry is trying to get laws passed that would allow the trucking industry to place longer heavier trucks on our highways. The industry wants to put more double and even triple tandem trailers on our highways. That is a recipe for disaster.

“Longer, heavier trucks threaten motorists.” David Lattimer executive director of the South Carolina Troopers Association recently said in a news article.  Mr. Lattimer is exactly right on this issue. Why would we allow longer heavier trucks on the highways of South Carolina? Its an issue of profits over safety. The trucking industry wants to carry more good and make more money at the expense of public safety.

Have you recently driven on I-85 as its winds through Greenville SC, Anderson, SC and Spartanburg, SC? Motorists probably feel like they risk their lives every time they drive on that congested highway. Large tractor trailer trucks are one of the main reasons for the congestion. There is less stopping distance available for these trucks to stop safely without slamming into other motor vehicles. Thus when a collision occurs there is a greater chance for serious personal injury to occur.

Common sense, as well as physical science, dictate that longer heavier trucks take longer to stop. They require longer stopping distances. Thus, it makes them extremely hard to stop in crowded congested high traffic highway like I-85 in Greenville SC.

Its also common sense that a collision between a motor vehicle and a tractor trailer is going to result in more damage to a smaller vehicle. Common sense further dictates that there will be greater personal injury and greater losses to families.

Lawmakers and the public should standup against these proposals. Lawmakers should consider public safety as the number one priority in this debate. As a South Carolina car accident lawyer, I believe that putting profits over the safety of families is never a good policy idea.