Drunk Driver Accidents

Thomas Creech works hard to get full monetary compensation for victims of drunk drivers. After spending almost five years working as a prosecutor putting drunk drivers in jail, Thomas Creech saw first hand the serious problems that drunk drivers represent.  After opening his own personal injury law practice in 2003, attorney Thomas Creech began helping victims of drunk driving accidents obtain monetary compensation through the civil justice system.

Personal Injury Lawyer Greenville SC 

  • Drunk drivers cause more serious personal injury                                                                                                 
  • Automobile accidents involving drunk drivers are frequently more complex
  • A personal injury lawyer can serve as your advocate to obtain full compensation for all of your injuries
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If you have been injured by a drunk driver, call Greenville SC personal injury lawyer Thomas Creech a 235-4999 for a free consultation.

Studies show that automobile accidents involving drunk drivers cause more serious personal injury. That’s common sense. When the personal injury is more serious, the case becomes more complex and often involves more health care providers, future permanent impairment, and loss of future ability to work. All of these issues need to be investigated so that full monetary compensation can be obtained. Personal injury lawyer Thomas Creech is here to serve you in these potentially complex cases.

An automobile accident involving drunk drivers also involve the criminal justice system.  Frequently, victims need a voice in court and attorney Thomas Creech can be your voice and your advocate in court and can speak to the judge on your behalf when the judge decides whether to put the drunk driver in jail.

A social host, a bar, or a restaurant may also be responsible for damages caused by overserving an obviously intoxicated person who then leaves the establishment and drives away later causing a car accident involving injuries.


If you or a family member have been injured by a drunk driver do not wait to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you. Call the Thomas Creech Law Offices today for representation and have an advocate on your side. Call for information or legal representation today in Greenville SC at 235-4999. Remember, its always a free consultation.

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Thomas Creech is a former Assistant State Prosecutor, 13th Judicial Circuit, Greenville SC

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