Inattentive Truck Drivers

One of the reasons that an accident involving a tractor-trailer may occur is because of inattentive truck drivers. There is a wide range of actions that are considered to cause inattention, but the result is the same – an accident. In addition to the commonly known instances of inattention – texting while driving, talking on the phone while driving, eating while driving – there are other ways that a driver can be distracted.  A recent case involved a driver who reached down to grab some candy and swerved onto the shoulder hitting a broken down vehicle and killing one of its passengers. In another case, the driver was changing the radio station. A sleepy driver can also be considered inattentive, especially if they doze off while driving.

inattentive truck drivers

It takes a truck a long time to stop. Therefore, a truck driver needs as much time as possible to stop. If there are sudden stops on the highway and the driver is not paying attention, it will be difficult to break without potential damages. These damages can include driving into the back of a car in front of them, driving off the road, or even causing a fork-knife that may cause traffic delays for miles.

Inattentive truck drivers are not be able to stop his tractor trailer in time before crashing into a stopped or slowed vehicle in front of him. When truck drivers fail to stop their big rigs, severe, deadly, and horrific crashes occur. An inattentive truck driver, or a truck driver operating at a speed greater than the conditions allow, will be unable to stop, resulting in a crash-likely a rear-end crash.

What are some signs that a truck driver is being inattentive? A rear-end collision is evidence that the truck driver was not paying attention and could not stop his rig in time before crashing into the vehicle ahead of him. The lack of skid marks at the scene of the crash also is evidence of an inattentive truck driver. Evidence of cell phone use by a truck driver is clear evidence of a truck driver not paying attention to the traffic conditions around him.

Fatal truck crashes occur everyday around the United States. And fatal truck crashes are happening right here in our Greenville, SC upstate community. These horrific trucking crashes are real. The threat is real. The danger is constantly present-here in our backyard in Greenville and the upstate.

What Should I do if I am hit by an inattentive truck driver?

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