Were you injured in a slip and fall?

Greenville SC personal injury attorney Thomas Creech says that people who have been injured in slip and fall accidents often suffer serious permanent and painful injuries as well as embarrassment, humiliation, and emotional distress. And because the risk of serious personal injury to customers is real, businesses must take reasonable prudent steps to make and keep their premises safe.

Everyday, large businesses open their doors to thousands of customers hoping that those customers will come to the business and spend money thereby generating profit and revenues for the business. And shoppers and customers enter premises of these business believing that the business will be safe, secure, and free of dangerous hazardous conditions that can cause personal injury.

Businesses owe their customers a duty to keep the business premises in a safe condition free from any known defects and hazards so as to avoid slip and fall injuries from occurring to customers.  Moreover, if a business employee becomes aware of a dangerous or hazardous condition on the business premises, the employee should act immediately to remove the hazard and to warn customers about any hazards. And the law requires these duties of businesses because its the business, not the customer, who is in a better position to know whether the business premises are safe.  For example, businesses conduct inspections of their premises. Also, businesses have employees on site during hours of operation and its those employees who can keep a careful, vigilant watch over the business premises. Finally, in order to sell the most merchandise, businesses spend lots of time carefully studying the design and lay out of their stores and the merchandise displays therein.

The number one priority for a business in its operation is customer safety. And that’s the way it should be. Otherwise, shoppers and customers could become seriously injured and have to live with lifelong permanent problems and disability as a result of an injury occurring on business premises.

Sometimes, there are bad businesses whose operations are careless and sloppy.  And its these careless, bad business operators who cause injury to their customers. Bad business who are careless about the conditions of their business premises can cause customers to slip and fall while on the business premises.

So what should you do practically speaking after you or a family member have become injured while on the premises of a business? Hopefully, you will never experience a fall in a business and thus you will never have to consider what steps to take after becoming injured after a fall. But if you or a family member have fallen, first, relax, do not try to move or get up, take it easy, and call for help. Your safety and medical condition is the number one priority. If you feel that you are badly injured, seek medical help and call 911 for an ambulance. Even if you feel you are o.k. and are able to move, you should still wait on EMS or medical help before deciding whether you can get up off the floor.  Once you feel like you are o.k., look around and try to determine what caused you to fall. Was there liquid on the floor that caused you to slip? What type of liquid was on the floor? Was there an uneven floor or defect in the flooring that caused you to fall? Make sure that you inform the store manager or store employee so that an accident report may be constructed. Once you feel like you are o.k. and you have assistance, try to slowly get up and try to walk with assistance. You may not be able to. And if you feel like you cannot get up, do not be pressured into trying to move around. Stay still and let trained medical personnel help you.

Greenville SC personal injury attorney Thomas Creech is concerned about customer safety on the premises of a business. By following safety rules and taking common sense steps, businesses can keep their premises safe and prevent unnecessary, needless injuries to innocent customers.