Greenville SC motorcycle accident takes life in tragic wreck

In a tragic accident, a rider lost his life in a motorcycle accident that occurred in Greenville SC. The motorcycle accident occurred in the afternoon of January 5, 2015. The motorcycle accident occurred on West Butler Road, near Laurens Road, in front of the new Chic-fil-A restaurant, according to media reports.

Acccording to media reports, the accident involved two vehicles according to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the agency involved in the investigation and is continuing its investigation into the motorcycle accident. According to new reports, the motorcycle rider was wearing a helmet.

This motorcycle accident is obviously a tragedy and the loss of life is enormous. Any time a person loses his or her life in an accident-whether it be a car accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident, or any other traffic accident, its a tragedy and heart breaking.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified motorcycle accidents as a public health concern because of the numbers of motorcycles on the road. The CDC has prodcued an interesting study involving motorcycle accidents in the United States. Over time, the number of motor vehicle accidents have gone down, but the number of motorcycle accidents have increased. Here is a link to the CDC web site that talk about the study:

Moreover the CDC has identified the most frequently injured areas of the body in non-fatal motorcycle accidents: the leg/foot and head/neck.

Drivers of motor vehicles, such as cars and trucks, must be on the lookout for motorcycles. Motorcycles are usually driven with caution; but may not be seen by other drivers.  Motorcycle riders are entitled to the freedom of riding on the open road and and enjoying the feel of riding a motorcycle in that manner.  Drivers of automobiles must respect a motorcyclist’s perogative to enjoy the open road and must treat a motorcycle just like it would a car or truck, including yielding to a motorcycle just as it would yield to a motor vehicle.

Moreover, distracted driving can cause drivers of cars and trucks to crash into an otherwise careful motorcyclist operating his motorcycle in a careful, legal manner.

So share the road with a motorcycle-be careful when you are operating your car.  Don’t be distracted while driving. Keep a proper lookout and drive cautiously so as to avoid hitting a motorcyclist. You could prevent another motorcycle accident and prevent another tragedy.