Greenville SC car wreck lawyer: Let’s talk solutions

A Greenville SC car wreck has claimed the life of a 41 year old Iva man in an accident that occurred on August 14, 2014, news outlets are reporting. It is a tragedy any time a person loses their life in an automobile accident. According to news reports, Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans stated that the man who died was David Scott Flowers.  According to news reports, the man died after his vehicle was struck from behind by a truck. The wreck happened on Augusta Road in Greenville SC near Garrison Road. The crash occurred at 1:23 PM. The man was transported by ambulance to the Greenville Hospital System where he lived for about half an hour, according to news reports, before he passed away. The South Carolina Highway Patrol M.A.I.T is investigating the car accident.

M.A.I.T. stands for Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team. It is brought in every time there is a fatality in a car wreck. The M.A.I.T performs an in-depth investigation including measurements, examination of the vehicles, and will also take statements from those people involved in the accident and also witnesses. The M.A.I.T also takes photographs of the accident scene and vehicles as well. News reports did not state a cause of the accident or an explanation of who was at fault in the accident.

Anytime a person dies in a car wreck it serves as a reminder that operating or driving an autombile can become a very dangerous, life-threatening event. All drivers must exercise caution and follow the safety rules of the road at all times in order to not cause an accident. Normal driving can turn dangerous very suddenly and that is why a driver of a car needs to pay attention at all times in order to stay safe.

When a family loses a family member in an automobile accident, fortunately the law provides potential legal solutions for the family. First it must be determined what happened in the automobile accident and a thorough investigation must be performed. If another person was at fault in causing the death of a loved one, then the law allows for certain family members to be compensated for the full range of losses that a wrongful death can cause, including loss of support, loss of companionship, loss of society of a loved one, and lost wages. Thus, the dependents of a person killed in autombile accident can seek damages and compensation for the loss of economic support normally provided by the deceased.

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