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Greenville SC motorcycle accident attorney Thomas Creech is experienced in helping injured motorcyclists involved in accidents. Attorney Thomas Creech has represented motorcyclists who have been injured in wrecks. Mr. Creech has also represented family members who have lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents involving wrongful death.

News outlets are reporting about several motorcycle accidents that have occurred in recent days. In one a case, a motorcyclist was killed on Highway 101 when he was involved with a collision with another vehicle. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario. Its difficult to know from reading media reports what exactly occurred in the motorcycle accident. An investigation will have to be performed to get a full understanding.

Motorcycle Accident Greenville South Carolina

If you had a motorcycle accident Greenville South Carolina attorney Thomas Creech is here to help.

Drivers of cars and trucks have a duty to keep a proper lookout for motorcycles on the road. A car will sometimes pull out in front of a motorcycle leaving the motorcyclist little or no time to avoid the turning car and no time to avoid the accident. Motorcyclists involved in accidents are usually injured seriously. Thus, a motorcyclist involved in a wreck may have high medical bills and because of the nature of the injuries, more permanent impairment and more damage to loss of earning capacity. If you would like to speak with an attorney about a motorcycle accident, call our Greenville SC law offices to speak with Thomas Creech. Feel free to call our law office and set up a free consultation. Call us at 864-235-499 and let’s talk solutions.