A floor mat fall can cause serious personal injury.

Were you, or a family member, or a loved one, severely injured because of a floor mat fall?  The Thomas Creech Law Offices handles cases involving a floor mat fall.

Maybe one day you went to the grocery store, a department store, or another big box retailer.  You had been in this store on previous occasions and had never had a problem. But on this day, you were put in a dangerous hazardous situation and had no control over it. Little did you know that a floor mat at the entrance of the store had become wrinkled and turned into a trip hazard. Maybe earlier in the day, a store employee forgot to watch the condition of the floor mat at the store entrance like he was supposed to do as part of his job. And because numerous customers had been coming into the store, the floor mat at the store entrance became wrinkled up, was sliding and slipping, and became caught up in the door.  As you came walking in the store, not expecting there to be a dangerous hazard waiting on you, the floor mat tripped you and you fell sustaining serious personal injury. This is all too common an occurrence.  A floor mat fall is preventable if the store would maintain and monitor the floor mats to prevent the floor mats from becoming a hazard.

Floor mats are frequently placed near the entrance of a store and the floor mat receives high volumes of foot traffic from customers going in and out of the store.  Any reasonable store would monitor the floor mat to make sure that the floor mat does not become a trip hazard. Floor mats also exist in other areas of the store as well and can easily become hazards in other areas of the store.

Its common sense that a floor mat, if not properly maintained, can become a hazard and cause an unsuspecting customer to trip and fall exposing the customer to severe and painful personal injury.  Also, a floor mat, if not properly secured to the floor, can slip and slide and present a hazard to a customer walking on the floor mat.

And that is why store employees need to monitor and maintain the floor mat so that the floor mat does not become a hazard.

Video store surveillance can make a difference in your case-it must be preserved by the store as it’s crucial evidence.

Today’s stores and big businesses frequently have surveillance video cameras trained in on the store entrance and on other areas of the store thus capturing how and when the floor mat became dangerous. Store surveillance video is crucial evidence that must be preserved by stores.

A floor mat fall is a serious matter. A floor mat fall can cause serious permanent debilitating personal injury. Grocery stores, department stores, and big retailers must be held accountable and responsible for the harm and personal injury they have caused you.

Contact Greenville SC premises liability lawyer Thomas Creech if you or family member or loved has been injured because of a floor mat fall. You need aggressive, decisive legal representation from an attorney who will work to get the most compensation you deserve.