Commercial businesses and customer safety to prevent personal injury

Customer safety should be the first priority for any business. If a commercial establishment truly values its customers and their families, and wants to provide a high-quality customer experience at its locations, safety is the most important issue. In fact, for those businesses that are really concerned about their customers, they will see it as a moral obligation to provide safe premises and protect customers.  For a responsible, friendly business customer safety is number one. But for companies that value profits over customer safety, safety is not a priority.

In South Carolina, commercial businesses and establishments are legally responsible for keeping their property in a reasonably safe condition.  Moreover, the law in South Carolina requires an establishment to remove, fix, or make safe a dangerous condition on the property that it knows about or should have known about. In short, the law is concerned with customer safety.  And thus the law requires businesses to have premises that are reasonably safe, and at the same time, promote customer safety.

Just what kinds of dangerous conditions can cause personal injury to a customer?

Falls caused by dangerous conditions. A customer can become very seriously and permanently injured by falls caused by a dangerous condition at a commercial establishment.  A commercial establishment must be designed to be safe for customers and patrons.  Standards exist to ensure that premises are safe for customers and guests.  Moreover, a commercial or retail business must remove any hazardous condition that it knew or should have known was on its premises. Customers can easily fall down stairs. Handrails must follow safe engineering standards. Steps must be at a safe height. Stairwells must be properly and safely well lit with plenty of lighting.

Slippery floors can also be a major source of customer injuries. A commercial business or establishment must keep its floor in a reasonably safe condition. When the store becomes aware of a dangerous condition located on site, it must quickly and swiftly remove the hazardous condition. Moreover, if a store or business finds a slippery or dangerous condition on its floors while conducting inspections, it must promptly remove the condition.

What if the commercial establishment claims it did not know there was a slippery substance on the floor that caused a customer to fall. For more information about those situations, feel free to call our office for an explanation of the legal concepts involved.

Assault or attack occurring at an establishment. A customer can be assaulted while on the premises of a commercial establishment. In South Carolina, a retail store, restaurant, business, bar, or other commercial location must keep its premises safe and and therefore free from dangerous activities, including criminal activities, that could lead to serious personal injury being sustained as a result of an attack or an assault.  If a customer has been assaulted at a commercial location, one question that will have to be answered is did the establishment provide adequate security?  Were reasonable measures taken to protect customers from foreseeable attacks?  For more information about how a customer can recover for personal injuries after being attacked while at the location of a store or business, feel free to cal the Thomas Creech Law Offices in Greenville, SC at 864-235-4999.